various tools

here are two tools i made for personal use that i didn't want to bother moving over to the website. they're intentionally pretty barebones, lacking any styling

are you doing things ????

a habit tracker sort of thing i made for myself. not at all fully featured, you have to go into the inspector to like rename things. but it sort of does the things i wanted it to do (display which daily tasks i've been keeping up with and which ones i have not). somewhat unintuitive interface but at least it's pretty simple.

link to the thing

make a decision

a thing where you enter a bunch of options (tasks, albums to listen to, whatever) and then it chooses two of them for you to choose from and makes you wait a few seconds before asking for more options to discourage rerolling forever. you can freely configure all three options present. unintuitive but easy-to-implement system for having multiple lists saved.

link to the thing

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