stack docs

this is a stack language. values are separated by spaces. integers are precise and can be infinitely large, floats are not. strings are enclosed by "" and use \ as an escape character (the next character after \ will be interpreted literally; \n etc. won't work).

a bunch of values and ops enclosed in brackets creates a substack. ops in substacks won't be immediately run. all the values in a substack can be pushed to the stack with `, and a value can be placed in a substack with '.


arithmetic (6)

integer arithmetic rounds down. adding decimal points to numbers makes them floats.

might add trig at some point.

booleans (3)

true, when unquoted, deletes the second-top value; false, when unquoted, deletes the top value.

comparisons (6)

these use the same boolean thingys.

stack ops (9)

these are for handling the stack and substacks.

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