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after 2 weeks of looking on the internet, i've found....2 whole things that were cool enough to share !! maybe my method of internet looking isn't very good for finding interesting things, unfortunately. but they are pretty cool.

probably some other things i've forgotten. i'll probably post again next week becuase this is at least some sort of regularish content for the site

wish i worked on programming things more. it's fun
wish i did more things in general i guess, the last few weeks have been pretty devoid of thing-doing


i haven't updated this site in a month or so. maybe i should get on that. i've been mostly focusing on learning japanese and haven't really had any inspiration lately, but it would be nice to just go and make something. making some sort of generic game would be fun and a nice change of pace from the weird things i usually make, number facts turned out (i think) pretty well despite being a pretty bland concept.

here are some pretty cool things i've coem across while not being productive:

i think i might start sharing more interesting things i find later, so stay tuned i guess? chances are you're never gonna come back to this site again though so that seems like a silly thing to say


as a fun little side project, i decided to port Left or Right to graphing calculators. the framework that i used, the CE C/C++ Toolchain, is really neat and i highly recommend checking it out if you have the specific kind of graphing calculator.


you may have noticed that weeklyish games has not seen any updates for a few weeks so far. because of this i will unlist it until i can actually make a game, for once. might never happen, who knows?


some things have happened. i made a new 'game' in a few minutes, fixed the minimal theme so the code font wouldn't be times new roman, but i still haven't made any weeklyish games. honestly having the page still up is a little bit embarassing. i mainly didn't make any games because i had no ideas, or at least that's what i said to myself. when i tried to brainstorm ideas i came up with like 5 of them, i guess i just don't want to actually do work. but now that i've written the ideas down i might end up actually doing the thing? who knows!


i was worried my site looked bad so i made a theme editor. that means that now if my site looks bad, it's the fault of the user! it has a few preset themes, such as "minimal" (a nice alternative to the default that i considered switching to) and "best" (which has a slightly misleading name). have fun making my site for me! feel free to send over any styles that you're particularly satisfied with.


i'm still not sure whether switching to hugo was a good idea. i can pretty easily switch back if i want but even still it would be a waste of time migrating. time will tell, probably.

i don't have many ideas for content on this site and i've pretty much exhausted all the things i've already made. i might commit to doing a 1-game-a-week thing and just force myself to have ideas, which could work out either really well or terribly. i guess we'll see how it turns out in about a week. i'll set up a page for it and delete it if i give up immediately.


i impulsively decided that a static site generator was a good idea so i wasted a few hours learning hugo and converting my entire site! this was a useless exercise as i barely need any features of an SSG but, i guess it made the blog lower maintenance and, uhh, i don't have to copy paste a bunch of things into the head tag anymore? also there are no good extensions to deal with the front matter highlighting in html. maybe this was a good decision but i'm too angry about bugs to think clearly.


i made a little programming language! it's not very good but it was fun to make. it can do quines really easily and can probably do other things if you believe in yourself.


i've added a few new things to the site again today! the ones that i can think of are:

part of the reason i made the second is because i'm planning a new game soon! it's a rhythm game that's purely about getting into the groove of complex rhythms. polyrhythm notation system might be useful for notating the rhythms and parsing them ingame (rather than painstakingly placing each beat), and since it describes rhythms i can use the grouping functionality to make the on-screen rhythm notations more helpful and intuitive. before i do any of that, though, i need to find some cool music with complex rhythms that i can semi-legally use or make some myself (a really daunting task because i can't really make music that well and just give up immediately all the time). but it might exist in the distant future, and that's...something, i guess?

i've been making new things pretty quickly recently and probably won't be able to keep up this pace for more than a few days. in the meantime you can go and draw some cool circles and maybe check back later when i'll have some other stupid little game for you to play.


been working on this new website and putting some of my little games on it. it's been really nice to work on, even though my workflow consists entirely of copy-pasting things that should be part of each page (or, more recently, VSCode snippets).

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